US Presidential Election Las Vegas Odds: Democrats or Republicans

by Bovada Sportsbook

US Presidential Election Las Vegas Odds: Democrats or Republicans

One of the major talking points of the upcoming general election in the United States figures to be the unemployment rate and the most recent report is not what President Barack Obama needed to hear right now. But Mitt Romney and the Republican Party are likely (and quietly) jumping for joy as they have already pounced on the report as they are looking for any chance to get a foothold in this race.

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An 8.2% unemployment rate in a report that came out on Friday set off a number of actions, including a sizeable drop in the stock market. The fact that American employers added the least amount of new faces in a year is another poor sign for the Obama presidency, which means that Romney and the Republicans have something to hang their hat on going into the summer.

Romney wasted no time chiming in on the jobs report, even using the President’s 2012 motto of “Forward” against him, saying that the Obama administration is leading the national backward instead. This is what the Republicans are going to have to do if they want to win the White House back because when it comes to personality, Romney leaves some voters in the cold. Like it or not, many voters (especially the ones that haven’t done a lot of research) will select a candidate based on whether they feel they can connect with the person.

2012 US Presidential Election - Winning Party
Democrats -160
Republicans +130

However, if there is a positive to be taken from this, it is that the drop in the stock market has caused the price of gas to go down in the United States, which is never a bad thing. China and Europe have their own issues in the economic world, so the economy isn’t exactly looking up but a drop in gas prices is a nice silver lining.

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