Serena Williams & Celebrity Baby Props Las Vegas Odds

Celebrity Baby Props Las Vegas Odds according to BetOnline Sportsbook

First Name of Serena Williams' Baby
A through M   +105
N through Z   -135

Gender of Serena Williams' Baby
Male   -115
Female   -115

Head to Head - Greatest Baby
Serena Williams' baby - lbs   -115
Conor McGregor's baby + lbs   -115

Will Serena Williams Have Triplets
Yes   +2000
No   -10000

Will Serena Williams Have Twins
Yes   +1200
No   -2500

First Name of Conor McGregor's Baby
Floyd   +800
Cassius, Marcellus, Clay, Muhammad or Ali   -200
Bruce or Lee   +1000
Mike or Tyson   +1600
Melankomas   +1200
Flamma   +1200
Aristodemus   +1200
Agis   +1200
Genghis or Khan   +1200

Serena Williams' Baby Named After Planet
Yes   +325
No   -450

Weight of Conor McGregor's Baby
Over 7 lbs   +110
Under 7 lbs   -140

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